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Although this year’s Xiaomi still has a very good growth rate in the domestic and international mobile phone market, its flagship Xiaomi Mi 8 sold quickly and given very good results, but because of the design is not at ease, Mi 8 so-called the 8th anniversary product can be said to have been criticized by media.

Yes, as a Smartphone with only infrared facial recognition, Xiaomi Mi 8 features a big Notch-like iPhone, the value of Mi 8 can be described by one word. Although this year’s Xiaomi 8 sold a gratifying result because of the ultra-low price and the large amount of stocking, it would be hard to say if Xiaomi Mi 9 is still like this in 2019.

First of all, Xiaomi Mi 9 will adopt the full-screen design since the second half of 2018, and it is different from the mechanical structure of Vivo NEX and OPPO Find X.

Xiaomi Mi 9 will carry an advanced under-screen camera technology, which will also let Mi 9 leaps and bounds on the face value.

Under-the-screen camera technology has never been made, but in the case of Samsung S10 to use this technology, Xiaomi Mi 9 released a few months later than S10 should have more time to study this program. However, like the Pop-Up front camera, as a brand new technology, I am still worried about its imaging performance and the impact on the fuselage structure.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 9 will also remove the fingerprints that have been criticized. The reason why Xiaomi Mi 8 is criticized is that it is ugly except for the big bangs and the big chin. The vertically align dual camera + rear-mounted fingerprint is also a key point. After uses the fingerprint recognition under the screen in Xiaomi Mi 9, I think its back design will definitely make most consumers happy.
Many products have used fingerprint recognition under the screen this year, but because the technology is not very mature, the models of Vivo NEX and Huawei Mate RS are not very good in the fingerprint experience of the screen. However, with the advancement of technology and the maturity of ultrasonic fingerprint technology, I think the fingerprint of Xiaomi Mi 9 will definitely bring us a different experience.



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